Do you have an outdoor entertainment area that you use for barbeques and parties during the summer? Nothing can ruin one of these days more than a bit of rain and wind. Everything has to be packed up and moved inside, next thing you know the house is filled with screaming kids and the adults are crammed in the kitchen.

A set of outdoor patio blinds can protect you from weather elements like rain, wind and UV rays. There are a few different materials out there to choose from for you blinds. Bamboo outdoor blinds provide a great looking backdrop to your patio. The gaps in the slats allow air to pass through, allowing smoke from the barbeque to exit the area and fresh air to flow through the area. At the same time it deflects rain and provides much needed shade from the summer sun.

The other popular outdoor blinds are plastic outdoor blinds. These allow plenty of light into the patio while the blinds are closed, however smoke can easily be trapped inside so a barbeque or grill should be placed near an opening or outside of the patio.

A much cheaper option are vinyl outdoor blinds, these blinds are usually hand rolled up so with cheap material and small amount of mechanics these blinds are the most cost effective outdoor shade blinds. However they are not as easy on the eyes as bamboo and do not allow as much light through at PVC outdoor blinds.

Whichever material you choose be sure to take accurate measurements of your patio for your blinds before you go out purchasing. There is nothing worse than having blinds that are too big or too small for the gaps in your patio.

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