Typical questions before a cruise trip

Since the 1980s, cruising holidays have been an option for millions of travellers and their growth has been incredible, especially in the last 10 years. In Italy, in 2015 alone, 11 million passengers took a cruise trip and the trend is growing strongly. Despite these data, it is also true that, travel and cruises, are still accompanied by several doubts and questions about their progress and their conditions. Let’s see together, and try to clarify any doubts.

The main doubts about cruising holidays

How much does a cruise trip cost

Contrary to what many people think, cruise trips can be made at a more than acceptable price. Of course, it all depends on the type of trip you are looking for, the cabin you want to book and the purchases you will make once on board, but if you are satisfied with the normal conditions of travel, you can go on a cruise at a reasonable price. You can also book cruises online, looking for the best deals and bargains at cruise sites or cruise agencies.

What to bring on a cruise trip

As for your luggage, it all depends on the destination of your cruise trip. It’s obvious that if you’re going on a cruise to the Caribbean, you won’t have to bring the same clothing as you would for a cruise holiday along the Norwegian fjords. Remember to bring some elegant clothes, which may be useful during the trip, sportswear for the gym and a comfortable one for excursions on land.

Bring first-aid kits with all the medicines you may need (anti-inflammatories, analgesics, muscle pain creams, medications for sea sickness and digestive problems), and remember that the cost of medicines on board is more expensive than normal. Don’t forget the sunscreen with a high protection factor, sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun in the hottest hours.

There are no particular weight restrictions on the ship, but you should bear in mind that your luggage should be in the cabin closets. One aspect not to be forgotten, if you take the plane to get to your boarding destination, is that the airlines impose precise weight restrictions instead. This is usually 20 kg for checked baggage and 10 kg for hand luggage.

How a cruise trip works

The boarding is similar to the check-in at the airport, the difference is that it takes place on the dock, otherwise, the documents will be checked directly on board the ship. Normally, disabled people who have requested special assistance have priority. On board, your credit card will be registered and you will be given a personal card with which you can pay for the extra services on board and the various purchases. The costs will be charged to your cabin account and will be paid for at the end of your cruising holiday.

The services on board vary depending on the category of the ship and the type of cruise trip. Depending on the case, you can find: full board, room service, duty free, doctor on board, babysitter, internet, etc.. Remember that most cruise ships have an internal hospital equipped for first aid with trained doctors and nurses.

In case of need, these services are available to all travelers, normally at a very high cost. For this reason, it is advisable to take out travel insurance as a go | cruise, which offers specific coverage for cruise travel, is valid in all countries of the world and includes many essential covers during the holidays on a cruise.

Before you leave, find out more about the services offered on board and the possibility of purchasing an insurance policy specifically designed for cruise travel.

Cruise with children

Are cruise trips suitable for a holiday with children? Absolutely yes! As we have seen, most cruise ships are equipped to accommodate the youngest guests: entertainers, theater, games room, shows and more, children’s menus and activities designed specifically to entertain children during the holiday cruise.

Before departure, parents should carefully choose the itinerary of the cruise, so that it is easily accessible and can interest children. Almost all cruise lines accommodate children from three years old and up, and many even babies. Check the minimum requirements to travel with the company you would like to travel with before booking your cruise.

Cruising with your dog

On a cruise holiday, can you bring your pet with you? Unfortunately, most shipping companies do not allow dogs on board, except for guide dogs assigned to disabled passengers, but some have developed travel solutions for those who decide to go on a cruise with their dog. When you can cruise with your dog, you can take advantage of onboard kennels or cabins equipped to accommodate dogs and owners.

Normally the animals can access the external decks for a walk and they can also access all the internal rooms, with the exception of the bar and the restaurant. A space specially designed for their needs is available. Remember to bring with you all the necessary documents: an EU pet passport, rabies vaccination, microchip and tapeworm prevention.

Before embarking your dog on a cruise ship, it is strongly recommended that you consult your vet to find out about the dog’s physical condition and whether he can travel.

Cruising Holiday

One of the advantages of a cruising holiday is that once you get on board you will have to think of nothing but your fun and your relaxation. You don’t have to worry about booking your plane, hotel, attractions to visit, restaurants to dine in and all the details and unforeseen events. On a cruise, every aspect of the journey is planned by experts in the field and you just have to choose the destinations and duration of your holiday.

On the ship, meals, shows and many services are at your disposal and able to meet all your needs, and the staff dedicated to customer service will help you choose visits and excursions according to your interests.

For the more enterprising travelers who like to organize their own days, there are numerous activities available, from courses to tastings, from cinema under the stars to group dances, from fitness in the gym to jogging or, why not, a nice dip in the pool. Forgetting about the hectic rhythms and commitments of everyday life will be simple and natural. To satisfy your palate, you can choose from an almost infinite range of gastronomic options and taste gourmet dishes typical of the places you visit.

You’ll have everything at hand, easy to reach and you can always do something new without ever getting bored!