National Park Dream Loop Kirschweiler Fortress

Autumn – hiking season, there is no better time of year for extensive hikes through the beautiful nature, like autumn. Mushrooms shoot out of the ground, the moss shows itself in its strongest green and the trees put on their colorful robes.

What better way to commemorate the “Day of German Unity”, far away from all the celebrations, with a hike, After a short reflection, we decided to dedicate the venerable day to the Kirschweiler Festung National Park dream loop. This is a circular trail of approx. 9.5 km which leads exclusively, apart from a few meters, along with nature trails.

Nature Trail through the National Park

Directly at the entrance, there is a forest parking place, free of charge, and if there should be no place available, so one finds 200m before, enough parking places which belong to the golf course Kirschweiler . As soon as we have passed through the “gate”, we are already in the dense forest. You can literally smell nature, the modernity of dead wood and the mushrooms with their characteristic scent put the hiker in the right mood. The path leads us slightly uphill through the mixed forest until it swings to the right before a fence.

Tranquil clearing

The fenced forest is used for research purposes (forest in the national park). We walk along the fence until the path leads us to a crossroads. Follow the signs and turn right into the forest at the level of a small forest biotope.

Forest biotope

Now we will roam through a forest passage where we can imagine what the entire national park will look like in decades to come. Deadwood, moss, lichen and whatever else belongs to a primeval forest is present here.

Original nature

The path climbs steeply and meanders through quartzite boulders towards the ring head. The ring head is an elevation of 650m, on which the remains of a small Celtic ring wall can be seen. Now – after the ascent, we have a breather to enjoy the wonderful view over the Hunsrück and the Idarwald.

After a short breather, we take our path and follow the path downhill.

after the ascent comes to the descent

The path leads us through primeval vegetation. Deadwood, fallen trees are our constant companions.

After 5km of the path, through dense forest, we now pass a light beech grove. The somewhat sparse sunbeams make their way through the foliage and immerse the forest in golden colours, this looks so fairy-tale beautiful that we linger a while to observe the natural spectacle.

It’s no use, we have to go on. The drumming of a woodpecker can be heard from a distance. On a paved forest road, we follow the drumming in the hope of catching the ragger in the act. Unfortunately, the route says something else and sends us uphill on a path. Again the path winds through boulders until we reach the Kirschweiler fortress after about 7km.

Caution: Rockfall

The Kirschweiler Fortress is not a fortification from prehistoric times – i.e. a castle – but a natural rock massif, which is called fortress by the locals. After a refreshment we continue, passing the rock gate we have a wonderful view over the valley with the Steinbach dam.

Distant view over the valley

The path winds towards the valley, past quartzite heaps until we reach a wider forest path. On a rocky promontory, the vegetation opens up and lets us again look over the valley.

View into the valley

The last kilometres we hike on a solid forest path, which leads us to our start and finish.

the golf course, at the end of the hike

Conclusion: I can only recommend this circular trail through the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Who wants to experience nature in its variety is here exactly correct, one must go only with open eyes and ears by the fabulous forest. The “fortress” and the “ring head”, with its Celtic remains, are the highlights of the tour. After the hike, the gastronomy of the golf course is available for refreshment.


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