If you occasionally write about tips & tricks for domestic cleanliness and the blog even has its own category on this topic, then you could easily get the impression that despite children, work and blogging, everything flashes and shimmers, neither crumbs nor wool mice fly around, the windows and washbasins all invite you to look at them streak-free, and every room is tidy at all times just waiting to inspire you to imitate them in Pinterest-worthy photos.

Nothing could be further from reality, because while I’m writing an article about quick cleaning, there’s more than one corner in our home two days before Christmas that would benefit from the following tricks.

Since I discovered the 90-minute Blitz-Putz, I dream of making it a weekly routine. Unfortunately, life has always come in between, so I keep us afloat longer with spot-cleaning (similar to the 5-minute Blitz-Badputz) than I’m willing to admit. Sick children, blog projects, Christmas preparations – there’s always something that makes cleaning fall behind.

There are different approaches to this annoying topic. During rush hours we have also used individually bookable, reasonably priced cleaning aids. To clean daily 15 minutes according to a given plan is another possibility to avoid a complete Saturday with cleaning agents and mop buckets. Besides it is naturally also type question – the one cleans rather so besides and for it constantly, the other prefers now and then a large action.

The 90-minute Blitz-Hausputz method is another way to keep the chaos in check. I find it so helpful because it can produce a “everything is neat” feeling in a manageable amount of time. This is done by cleaning all the rooms as quickly as possible in a race against yourself.

Of course, there is a difference between a 250 m² house and a 50 m² apartment (we as a family of five are right in the middle of it). In addition, the natural ground state has an unquestionable effect on the time required. A dwelling, where everything is cleared away always directly again and once in the week a large finery takes place is logical-proves no comparison with a chaos booth (also there we lie so in the middle in it 😉 ). As a clue: For our 120 m² house with three bedrooms I need 90 minutes, if the last action is already something ago. If I repeat the program after 1-2 weeks it will take about 60 minutes. The goal is to use only about 10 minutes per room, for a bathroom it can be 15 minutes. To achieve this requires a bit of physical effort.

For a fast large cleaning action like this one should really have a clear path – that means all rooms are easily accessible, without stumbling over playing family members or affectionate toddlers. It’s really so high that you get a workout at the same time. So the whole family is best away from home.

The quick cleaning action works best when every room is in rough basic order. If only one third of the floor is accessible in each room, then it is best to gather the family the day before to tidy up all the rooms together. The local house cleaning services is also not intended to make all beds fresh or to decalcify the shower head. The aim is to do the basics as quickly as possible in all rooms and thus create an all-round clean impression.


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